What Our Employees Say

Sotera employees join and stay with Sotera because they are passionate about the national security missions we support and to realize career development opportunities. Here are some examples of what our employees say about the company.

  • Nina D

    Sotera leadership encouraged me to get my master's degree, take the PMP test, attend leadership training and attend Sotera senior leader conferences. I consistently received support, motivation and encouragement to advance in my career and I felt that Sotera leadership supported my efforts. I know Sotera leaders care deeply about providing career opportunities and advancement opportunities throughout the company to make this a place where people can stay for the duration of their career.

  • Stacie O

    It was clear right away that Sotera was a different kind of contractor - that an employee was a community member rather than a corporate entity.

  • Harold A

    After 20 years of military service, I had a little anxiety as I transitioned to civilian life. However, the great Sotera staff made me feel welcomed and eased my fears.

  • John L

    I have witnessed many occasions in which Sotera leaders have gone out of their way to care for the personal welfare of individual employees. The loyalty and dedication of my co-workers inspires and encourages me, and I am driven to provide work and leadership deserving of their efforts.

  • Jason T

    Sotera has offered me all the tools to advance in my career. They have offered schooling, training, and counseling if I ever needed it. If you work hard and show dedication to the mission, then you can advance very far and fast within the company.

  • Crystal S

    I knew Sotera was the right place for me because they showed an interest in helping me grow as a young professional in the field and have continued to do so by providing me with tuition reimbursement and advanced training opportunities; this element alone is invaluable.

  • Thomas L

    Sotera's mission allows me to keep my eyes on the big picture. Everything I do day to day at work is part of the greater framework of our national security. Via customer feedback and events in the news, I can see how my work has a direct effect on the effectiveness of our mission and our national security. That's what makes me most proud.

  • Christina C

    In the six years I have worked with Sotera it has been supporting critical missions that protect homeland security interests. In working with Sotera, I feel that the work I do makes a difference for the country and for my family.

  • Dave M

    I like the fact that the work we do in some way helps protect our nation from the individuals and organizations intent on causing harm to our families, friends, and neighbors.

  • Justin R

    The aspect of working for Sotera that I like best is the sense of accomplishment and pride that I get. It is one thing to write a complicated piece of code, but to know how that piece of code interacts not only with a larger system but a whole network and infrastructure of people and systems is awe inspiring. It encourages me to pour my heart and soul into my work, and gives me a great sense of pride when I push a new software update to the world. It's getting these opportunities to experience these feelings that is the best part of my job.

  • Marcellus S

    Our mission challenges us to out think those that would do us harm. I feel a great pride in knowing the work that I do helps protect those that I love.

  • Caleb G

    I was able to apply my training experience from my military background to transition into a technical training position; Recently, I have become the leader of my team, helping my team to perform at its best to support our mission.